Garage doors take up a lot of space on your home’s exterior.

Choosing garage door colors on a brick house is an important process when repainting or remodeling your garage door or home exterior. Brick siding demands the consideration of color, texture, and style when selecting a garage door color that is best for your house.

Bricks are versatile materials in terms of color matching…Choosing the right garage door color for a brick house really depends on whether you want to blend or contrast.

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We want to help you navigate the decision of picking a garage door color that will look amazing with the type of brick on your home.

Harmonious Garage Doors

No brick is completely one color; red bricks are usually a blend of different shades of reds, browns, tans, sometimes with flecks of other colors.

Some homeowners like to match their garage door to the rest of the home’s exterior by picking a color that blends well with the colors found in the brick. Blending your garage door color with the rest of your exterior can make your house appear a bit larger. Harmonious garage doors might also be desirable if you wish to draw more attention to your front door or some other architectural feature of your home.

Harmonious garage doors often include more neutral colors from browns and beiges to other colors found in the brick, such as browns, greys, or reds.

Contrasting Garage Doors

Favorite contrasting garage door colors for brick homes included green, purple, blue, white, and black. Especially for red brick homes, these bold, cooler colors contrast nicely with the warm and rich tones in the brick.

If choosing a contrasting color for your garage door, make sure to separate it from the rest of the home’s exterior with a neutral paint color for the trim.

Wooden Garage Doors

When it comes down to it, it’s hard to go wrong with a wood-stained garage door on a brick home. It can give your home a classic look and can match with different colors of brick. Wooden garage doors are also available in a variety of styles and kinds that can match with your home’s architectural design. Be sure to find a stain color that looks blends or contrasts well with the color of brick you have in your home.

Different Color Brick, Different Color Garage Doors

In most cases, white garage doors will work with brick homes. If you have white painted brick or a very pale exterior, it might not be the best option (depending on the trim and other accent colors), but as a rule of thumb, it is a classic and safe choice for most kinds of brick.

Red Brick

Red brick is the standard for brick homes. There are so many varying colors within the red brick spectrum as well, from the tone of red itself to the other secondary colors mixed in.

Brown garage doors for red brick houses are classic, while other neutral colors such as white, beige, and grey are also common. Black garage doors can provide nice contrasts, while more muted blues and greens can simultaneously provide contrast and more color.

Brown Brick

Brown homes can work with a monochromatic color palette.

Earth tones are a great pick for garage doors on brown brick homes, including other browns, beige or sandstone colors, wood finishes, or a cool grey.  On the other hand, you could provide some contrasting flair by choosing a garage door color that contrasts and sticks out, like green or red.

Grey Brick

Grey brick houses can pair well with lots of colors from reds and greens to wooden garage doors and darker colors. They might not be solidly grey and often integrate other secondary colors as well. Click here to learn more about garage door colors for grey houses!

We hope this guide for choosing garage door colors on a brick house has been informative and helpful to picking the best colors for your home’s exterior.

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