Choosing the right color for your garage door can be tough.

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That’s why we’ve created this garage door color selector to help make your decision that much easier. There a lot of factors that go into picking the best color for your garage door, but we’ve narrowed it down to the most important: siding material and siding color.

Take a look at our garage door color selector to help figure out what color decision is best for your garage and your home!

Siding Materials

Here are some common home exteriors and what garage door colors might go best with each. This isn’t a perfect system, nor is our word final, but hopefully, our opinions can help guide you in the right direction!



Vinyl paneling is a common residential exterior that can come in a large variety of colors. For homes with this exterior, the color is a bigger factor than the siding material, so drop down to our “Home Colors” section for more input.



Homes with wood paneling on the exterior that isn’t painted over follows similar principals as other homes with brown exteriors.

Homes with visibly wooden exteriors often have a more rustic, even cabin-like, aesthetic that can be enhanced by a good garage door. With these homes, garage door style is also important.

You can stick to the wood look and get a wooden garage door as well. Otherwise, brown or white garage doors can pair well with wooden homes. For more color in your home’s exterior, greens, reds, and blues can all work with wooden homes. Find what shade works for you!



Brick homes, depending on how vibrant or dark the brick is, can pair well with garage doors that are white, beige, brown, or even a dark blue. If the brick is a lighter, more muted red or mixed-colors, a green or even a dark blue garage door would look great.

In general, the redder the brick, the more muted or neutral the garage door color should be. For example, a darker blue that’s more subtle and not a bold vibrant shade will usually look better with highly-saturated red bricks. Lighter and mixed bricks have a lot more options and varieties when it comes to choosing garage door colors.


Stone (including stucco)

As with homes with beige or other neutral sidings, homes with a lighter, stone exteriors have a lot of color options (though they always look good with white). Your color palette will change depending on the color of your stone or stucco exterior: is your stone more grey? Or beige?

For stone homes that are a lighter grey, a blue or green garage door, of light or dark shades, would pair well. Dark grey can also be a good choice if you want a more neutral exterior aesthetic.

Lighter, tan stones could be complemented by a brown or red door instead. If the coloration of your stones is less saturated and vibrant (a more light, muted color), then consider a blue or green garage door instead.

Home Colors

It’s not only important to have a garage door that pairs with materials of your home exterior, it’s perhaps more important to consider your house’s siding color and other details when finding the right garage door color.

We’ve provided a list of common home siding colors and what garage doors typically match well with each. Of course, there is always room for personal style and other aesthetics when choosing your final garage door color!



White homes can pair well with a lot of garage door colors. In these cases, it’s important to also take note of the roof color, other color details, and the architectural style of your home. Bright colors are a great way to brighten up your home’s exterior and add a splash of personality.

White homes can also stick to a more neutral color scheme with softer greys, blues, or beiges for the garage door. Just be careful to not paint your garage a light color that washes out your home and gives it a pale, drab appearance.


Neutral (light)

If your home is a neutral color, such as beige or gray, a white door will give it a cleaner, brighter appearance. This is especially noticeable if your front door and trim are also white. -Garaga

As with white homes, neutral siding on your home can pair well with bolder, more vibrant colors. For homes with a grey or blue undertones to their exterior, sticking to a cooler color scheme (blues, greens, etc.) might be usually preferable. The same principle applies to beige homes, which often look better with a warmer color palate on their garage door (browns, reds, etc.).

If you want your garage door to really pop, try pairing a darker blue or green door with beige siding! Try a red or yellow garage door on a light grey house! It all depends on the style and tone you want for your home.



Depending on the shade of brown and the material of your home’s exterior, different colors can work better or worse in your home.

In general, brown homes pair best with brown garage doors, though not an exact color match. Having soft contrast with a garage door color in a similar brown or beige color palate can work well with brown homes. To add a little more color, try using a rich, maybe darker red for your garage door color. Greens, both light and dark, can pair well with brown homes, especially those with stone or brick exteriors.

Wooden garage doors might look great with your brown home as well. Again, it’s important to fit the architectural style and siding of your home when selecting a garage door style and stain shade and finish.



Since blue homes already have more color on their exterior, you want to have a garage door that looks good with all of the other visual elements. Whites, creams, and light greys pair well with blue homes, both those with a lighter and a darker exterior shade.

Sometimes a warm, dark brown will contrast nicely with a blue home, especially if they have brown shingles on the roof. Wooden garage doors are a great addition to blue homes and add a nice aesthetic to darker blue homes especially.



Wooden garage doors almost always look good on a red home, no matter the material of the siding. Just make sure the stain color or finish matches other exterior colors and visual details

Homes with red-painted or vinyl siding commonly have dark brown, beige, or even light-grey garage doors. To add more colors, try a blue garage door, maybe a more navy blue. Find the shade and tone the pairs well with the exact shade of red on your home.

Be careful if painting your garage door white if you have red-painted or vinyl siding. A white garage can give your home a barn-feel depending on the door type and architectural style of your home. Go for it if you do want a more rustic, barn look! This can look especially if all of the trim and other exterior details are also white.

Also factor in other exterior details like trim color, landscaping, and even shingle colors when choosing your garage door.

If you don’t want to create contrast your garage door color selection and would rather it be more subdued, you can match your garage door to the color of your home (though be careful to not make your home look too bland overall!).

We hope this garage door color selector helps give you a better idea of what to choose for your own garage door upgrade.

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