Thinking of painting your garage door?

Just trying to figure out garage door color will best fit your home?


Check out these garage door colors pictures to see samples of what you could do to your home.

Factoring in the architectural style and tone of your home’s exterior is important, yes, but there is still room for creativity. From traditional garage door colors that are white or grey to more bold colors like red and yellow, there are lots of options when it comes to garage door decor.


It’s hard to go wrong with a white garage door.

White is a clean and simple color choice that can match most home exteriors. If you have a lighter exterior to your house, be cautious with white garage doors so that your house doesn’t look too bland or washed out with only pale colors. White garage doors can also show dirt and imperfections more easily, so be sure to regularly clean it!


Brown garage doors exist in two varieties: painted and wooden.

Wooden garage doors are more rustic stylistically and a bit more old fashion, but it’s a great artistic choice depending on the style of your home.

Be cautious with brown painted garage doors; that color can definitely work in some cases, as long as the shade provides a complimentary contrast in colors with the shade and material of your house’s siding. Homes whose exterior are warmer colors with lighter brown, tan, or red undertones can work with a brown painted garage door. For darker homes, a lighter brown or tan may be more suitable.


Blue as a color choice for a garage door can be classic and stylish while still adding some color to the outside of your home. Whether you go with a darker or navy blue to contrast with a white or lighter siding or you prefer a paler, soft blue instead, it’s a great color choice for garage doors.

As is always the case, make sure the shade and color you pick compliments the other colors in your home’s exterior and the overall architectural style. Also note that blues and browns can often clash and in general blue pairs better with homes that have a cooler color scheme for their exterior.


Yellow is a less traditional and bolder color choice for a garage, but it can still work.

A paler yellow or pastel hue is the more sensible shade of yellow for a garage door and is more likely to compliment a variety of other colors. Louder shades of yellow are less conventional and can be potentially obnoxious to look out if not done properly, but it is one way to add a splash of personality and a unique detail to your home.


Green garage doors fit best on homes with brick or stone exteriors, with either a tan or grey-based color palate.

Stick with more earth-tone greens which compliment your home’s exterior as well as the surrounding landscape. Darker greens are more common and can also be used on brick homes (though be careful if you have a red brick exterior that you don’t end up with a house that looks like Christmas all year round…unless that is what you’re going for).


Red is perhaps the boldest choice for a garage door colors, but if you want to, go for it!

Red can add a warmth and vibrancy to your home and is great for more artisan looking garage door styles. A red garage door can also give you a more barn-feel if that is your desired aesthetic and can also pair well with lighter, grey home exteriors.

Hopefully, these garage door colors and pictures help give you some idea of what your future garage door can look like!

Don’t be afraid to be bold and think outside of the box, though always remember to factor in the exterior color and style of your home, and even your home’s roofing color.

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