Entry through your garage door is one of the ways criminals can access your home and steal items stored in your garage—if you’re not careful. Even though you lock your doors and windows, the garage entryway is one area that is often overlooked.

Here are 12 ways to prevent garage break ins.

1. Never leave the garage door open

Whether you’re stepping out for a walk or mowing the lawn, these few minutes that the garage door is open offers access to people to see the valuable tools and household items you have stored in your garage and potentially gain access to your unlocked car and your house itself.

Make it a habit to always close the garage door after entering or exiting, or install a timer to automatically close the door.

2. Securely lock your garage door

Make sure that your garage door has adequate locks to prevent easy garage break-ins. Use a deadbolt, a programmable lock, or install more than one lock. Be sure to activate your lock whenever you come and go from the garage.

3. Take your garage door remote with you

Never leave the remote control for your garage door inside your car. It’s far too easy for someone to break into your car, get your address and use your remote to open your garage door and gain access to your home.

Whether you are at work, out shopping or playing, or simply have your car parked in your driveway, take the garage door remote inside with you. An option is to acquire a key fob remote that remains on your keychain.

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4. Cover windows

If your garage has windows, install shades or curtains, or frost windows to prevent thieves from looking inside your garage. If they can see what’s inside, or know that you are not at home because the cars are out, they are more likely to break in.

5. Choose a solid garage door

If your garage door is flimsy or in disrepair, it is much easier for someone to break into your home. Choose a metal, fiberglass or solid wood garage door as a fortress against crime.

6. Install high-quality locks

Install a secure deadbolt lock on the door leading to your home’s interior. That way, if someone does break into your garage, they won’t easily be able to access your home. Install high-quality locks on your garage doors as well.

7. Play the radio

People are less likely to break in if they think that someone is in the garage. To prevent garage break ins, play a radio when you’re not home to give the appearance that someone’s home.

8. Install motion-detecting security lighting

A well-lit garage can help deter thieves who are looking for an easy mark. Install motion detectors to turn on security lighting whenever activity is sensed around your garage doors.

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9. Install security cameras

Take security to the next level by installing security cameras to watch your property. Just the fact that you have a security camera will turn away potential criminals.

10. Install a garage alarm

Just as with a window alarm, a garage alarm will sound if a garage door is tampered with. Loud alarms will both scare away potential thieves and alert you to unwanted activity around your home.

Garage alarms can also be linked to local alarm companies and police departments for additional garage door security.

11. Install a garage door lock timer

People often forget to lock their garage door, or think they’ll be right back to lock it. Eliminate this worry and prevent garage break ins by installing an automatic garage door lock set on a timer. You set the elapsed time after which the lock will activate.

12. Disengage your emergency release

Did you know that someone can stick a coat hanger under your garage door and trip the emergency release? Prevent garage break ins by using a zip tie hack to disable your security system, or remove the emergency pull. Teach everyone in the family how to open the garage door in case of emergency.

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