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One great garage door brand. Many great garage door options!

I called before they closed and they came out first thing the next morning.

Fabulous job. I liked speaking with the owner, and I loved Joel the repairman. The spring on my garage door snapped and needed to be replaced.

Joel repaired it fast, fast. Very pleased that I still have the day to do my work.

Mary M.



We only use the best

Clopay Garage Doors are considered by us, to be the best in the industry.

They are the only garage door company in America that carries the “Good Housekeeping Seal” (an extra level of protection for the homeowner).

In terms of strength, security, and durability, these doors have it all.


Durable, Warrantied, & Energy-Efficient

Clopay Garage Doors are constructed with galvanized steel that “sandwiches” the insulation in between two layers of steel, providing optimum energy efficiency, with R-values available up to R-20.4, which is the highest R-value for any garage door on the market.

These really are excellent doors, and will give you superior strength, security, and durability for many years to come, with little or no maintenance. Clopay Garage Doors also have the best warranties in the business. 


Classic or Portfolio

 “The Classic Line” of garage doors offers traditional raised panel and flush doors to complement most home styles.

This series includes:
the Value Series, the Value Plus Series, the Premium Series, the Classic Line of Wood Doors.

“The Portfolio Line” of garage doors offers truly unique designs to enhance any home’s curb appeal. This series includes: the Gallery Collection, the Grand Harbor Collection, the Coachman Collection, the Reserve Collection, and the Avante Collection.

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