You may be wondering, what color garage door is best with a grey house?

Neutral grey home exteriors have certain advantages when it comes to color palates and your garage door: there are more color options.  Whether you want to have a simple garage door color that blends with your siding or a garage door color that provides some personality and contrast, read on for tips to decided what color garage door is best with a grey house!

What Garage Door Color Is Best with a Grey House?

There is no one best color for the garage doors of a grey home. However, the following colors tend to work well:

  1. Red
  2. Green
  3. Black
  4. White

For homes that are a lighter-color grey with vinyl or wood-painted siding, a darker color might look nice to provide some contrast. Likewise, darker grey homes contrast nicely with other garage doors.

Grey on grey garage door colors isn’t impossible, but it can be tough to pull off well if your garage door and siding are both grey. Make sure they blend or contrast well together and with your trim and exterior accent colors so that your color palette isn’t too bland.

For the average grey home, certain red, green, or black garage doors usually look good. Many grey homes can also look great with a classic white garage door. However, this is a lot to consider to navigate what color garage door is best with a grey house!

Does it Match Your Exterior Colors?

Grey is not just grey.

With grey homes, it’s about more than just the color of your exterior: it’s about the texture and material as well. Homes with grey stone exteriors look different than those with grey vinyl or clapboard siding; likewise, the best garage door colors and styles will differ.

There are so many shades of grey that can also have different undertones. At face value, grey seems like a blend of black and white, but it can be more complex than that. Not only are the lightness and darkness of the color a factor, but the undertones as well. Does it have more of a bluish color? Does it have warmer undertones? Is it a blend of colors in stone that appear predominantly grey?

Think about these questions when considering what color garage door color idea is best for your home. Grey can go well with a lot of colors, but it’s important to find the pairing that will blend or contrast the best given the specific color palette of the rest of your home’s exterior.


Avoid Brown

As a general rule of thumb, painted brown garage doors will not look good with grey homes. Not to say there aren’t exceptions to this (some stylized wooden garage doors), but typically a brown garage door will either be too dark or not pair well with grey. You don’t want a muddy and unappealing visual for your home’s exterior, do you?

Does it Match Your Home’s Style?

Since so many colors can pair well with a grey home exterior, it’s crucial to factor in the typing of siding you have as well as the architectural style of your home.

More elegant homes with a grey stone exterior usually look better with a bit more color on their garage door, such as a soft green or blue, even purple. If it’s a darker shade of grey stone, lighter colors or even white might be a good match.

For classic grey homes with traditionally painted clapboard or vinyl siding, color is more of a focus than the style of the home. With houses like this that are a lighter grey, have a white garage door may be too pale and wash house the look of your home. Don’t be afraid to add contrast and incorporate some bolder colors.

What color garage door is best with a grey house is not an easy question to answer. In general, grey homes look good with a lot of garage door colors if you find a shade the blends or matches well with your home.If you don’t know where to start, as for a second opinion or a professional consultation for what color garage door is best with your grey house!

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